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October 2016

Time for a new project

Now Zen BWV is in alpha, I allow myself time to start thinking about a new project. As Zen BWV was mostly an action game, I’m now working on a more narrative based game: a small (yet un-named) RPG.

I just started working on this game. So it’s still very unsure whether it will be more interactive story, action RPG or traditional JRPG style.

One this I do know is that I’m using Ink as the dialogue system and most likely also to track main story progress. Hooking into Ink took no time whatsoever. You can see a quick prototype of the dialogue system that took about 3 hours to hack together.


I’ll go into this system in more details in a later date. If it is a bit more mature, I’m gonna put it online for others to use.

Alpha version of Zen BWV available

It’s been quiet on the blog, but not on the development side of Shooter, which is now named “Zen BWV”

A few of the changes:

  • The game has a name! Zen BWV
  • It’s a relaxing shooter. Zen for the relaxing part, BWV for the (J.S. Bach) soundtrack;
  • Retargetted to desktop platforms to increase development iterations;
  • Actions synchronized to music.


And that’s not all. You can play an alpha version of the game here

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