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August 2016

Coming Weekend: Ludum Dare

There’s not much news about Shooter as
I’m preparing for Ludum Dare this weekend. If you want to follow progress, follow my Twitter account @maarten_engels.

Enemy AI

Lets discuss our enemies “AI”. AI between parentheses because you can’t really call them smart. They are not intent to anyway. They are intent to be predictable and easy to overcome. They need to get their strength from their numbers, not by matching your great skill. This is my guiding principle when designing enemy AI. Just like bullets, enemies need to show cool patterns on screen. Read More…

Core Engine

Let’s talk about what makes the main game loop work. As a refresher: the main game loop is move forward, dodge projectiles, shoot incoming starships, watch explosion, rinse/repeat.

As a basis, I use the setup as illustrated in the Cooking With Unity 2D Shoot-em-up series Read More…

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